April 2017 Phone Wallpaper

This is free for anyone who wants it! Made by me, for you, with love :). Please feel free to save it to use on your phone or tablet. There are two versions below, one with the April calendar and one without, so you can choose which you like best. I just love having the calendar on my lock screen so I don’t have to open my phone to check.

This photo was taken recently driving home from a snowboarding trip in Banff. I liked the clouds and I had to pull over on the side of the highway to take it. I got out and the wind was crazy, and cars were blasting by (super safe I know) but I really wanted the shot. I have also been really into rainbows lately so I added the rainbow graphic and I’m digging it. I hope you like!

I wanted to make a quick note I am in the process of solidifying dates for a boudoir marathon in June! More on that soon.  I also have select dates open for 2017 weddings and am booking now for 2018. If you have any photo inquiries or just want to say hello please get in touch! 

Please feel free to share this and I wish everyone a wonderful April!

xoxo Kristy-Lynn